Digital Video Recorders

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Digital Video Recorder for School Buses

For the safety and protection of your students and drivers, Yancey Bus is proud to offer digital video recorders for both the outside and inside of your fleet of buses.  Our systems do more than simply film the interior of the buses, they offer GPS mapping, driver alarms and quick retrieval of video footage for your use.

  •  Up to 2 months recording.

  •  Built-in thermal intelligence for reliable operation in cold and hot weather conditions - no more broken tapes.

  •  Removable COMRAD fits in your shirt pocket and connects directly to your desktop - 12 hours of video in the palm of your hand.

  •  Easy to use video management system - email video quickly and easily - no docking station required.

  •  Light weight design only 5 lbs. and 3 inches high - plug and play with your existing VCR system.

  •  Driver alarm button for flagging critical incidents - automatically download alarms using thumb drive.

  •  GPS ready with optional mapping and integrated video - confirm where and when a child got off the bus with actual video footage.

  •  Plus much, much more . . .