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Brake Shoes from Yancey Bus

Brake Shoes for All Brands of Buses

Don’t let a few dollars lead you into buying brake shoes and brake parts that don’t meet your needs for high quality and wise use of tax dollars. Choose Yancey Bus brake shoes and parts.

Yancey Bus brake shoes are the ideal product for airbrake and hydraulically equipped school buses. This unique formula was developed for the rigors of school bus operations. It is the quietest brake block in the industry, alleviating the fears that are associated with brake noise, squeal or chatter.

Noise abatement is only one of our brake shoes’ many features. Its positive stopping characteristics whether empty or loaded - without lock-up - assures driver satisfaction in these typical “stop and go” operations. This feature, coupled with excellent drum and lining life, makes brake jobs during the school year almost non-existent.

Using Yancey Bus brake shoes gives the assurance that reline frequency will seldom exceed one per year. In many areas where severe terrain is not a concern, two full seasons may be attainable from Yancey Bus brake shoes.

Yancey Bus brake shoes are manufactured from an asbestos free, organic compound. They come standard in “red” edge coloring and carry a friction rating of “FF”.

Call your Yancey Bus Parts Representative today for more information or to order brake shoes for your bus or entire fleet.