Micro Bird Series


Building off Blue Bird’s purpose-built product strategy for maximum quality and optimization, Blue Bird Micro Bird buses includes exclusive features that directly enhance safety and durability for increased overall value.

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Micro T

We’re proud to introduce the all-new Micro Bird T-Series school bus. Blue Bird has always had a heritage of looking ahead, which is why the Micro Bird T-Series brings all the most modern features of a school bus into one package. Along with contemporary ergonomics and design, you will experience improved fuel economy, maintenance-friendly upgrades, and better payload efficiency.

Micro G5gas

The combination of smart solutions built into the Micro Bird G5 make it significantly different and innovative. The Micro Bird G5 is the leader in its category, providing the lowest cost of operation, and offers several features that work in harmony with safety to help protect passengers if an accident is unavoidable. We are constantly updating our product, because when it comes to safety, there is no finish line.
By combining top safety features with durable components and a 5-year limited body warranty, you can feel confident that the Micro Bird G5 is not only your best investment, but also your best choice.

Micro Propane

The Propane-Powered Micro Bird uses Ford’s E-450 chassis with a 6.8L engine and ROUSH® propane system, and offers best-in-class horsepower and torque. With a capacity of up to 30 passengers, and a fuel tank that allows travel of up to 320 miles, your Propane-Powered Micro Bird is sure to get you far, while keeping the environment clean and offering fuel savings along the way. As many satisfied customers can affirm, propane autogas is a safe, clean and affordable alternative fuel with an established infrastructure system throughout North America.

Micro Mb2

The Micro Bird MB-II is well known for its extra wide oval body. The MB-II is the widest Type A school bus in its class, offering superior comfort and safety for up to 20 passengers while providing the lowest cost of operation. With a variety of lengths, interior roof heights and configurations, the Micro Bird MB-II can safely accommodate all your ambulatory and special needs transportation. The Micro Bird MB-II is the only lift equipped single rear wheel vehicle offered on the market, capacity for up to 4 wheelchairs. Backed by a best-in-class 5-year limited body warranty, the Micro Bird MB-II is your best choice.