Fire Suppression


Fire Suppression Systems Help Keep Small Events from Becoming Large Events . . . and Can Possible Save the Lives of Your Bus Passengers

Yancey Bus is proud to offer Fire Suppression systems for Blue Bird® and all other bus makes and models.  Our leading product is designed and manufactured by Amerex®, one of America’s most trusted brands of fire suppression equipment for home, work and transit uses.

• We use 25-pound self-contained Powder Canisters of ABC powder in our systems. ABC is certified to fight any type of fire:
     A – trash, wood and paper.
     B – liquid and fuels, including gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane.
     C – electrical equipment and components.

• Powder Canisters are fully rechargeable with ABC powder media and compressed Nitrogen, a non-flammable gas.

• Our Powder Canisters are remotely mounted (not mounted inside passenger compartment of your bus to reduce tripping hazards) with 3/8” solid steel brackets.

• Systems have a minimum of 2 nozzles to provide coverage for all electrical, fuel and heat in the engine compartment. These nozzles only become pressurized when a fire is sensed by monitors.

• An internal battery that keeps the system active regardless of whether the bus is in duty or parked, more commonly known as “Key On - Key Off” protection, is standard.

• Hoses from the Powder Canisters to the nozzles are ¾” - 1” steel braided hydraulic hoses with fittings rated at 3,000 psi. This exceeds industry and Federal mandates. Other systems on the market may use rubber hoses.

• Our systems have a dash mounted Powder Canister monitor with manual override switch along with bottle pressure, and full system status to meet State requirements with remote mounted tanks (not visible in cab) mounted tanks.

• Our systems exceed State specifications for all conventional and transit style school buses.

• All installations come with a complete 3-year parts and service warranty.

For more information on our Amerex Fire Suppression system installs, please contact your Yancey Bus Sales Representative today.